Shrink Wrapping

Products are fed in a single or multi-lane file and then collated into a pre-selected pack format. Once formed, the pack is pushed to its welding position where it is clamped before welding. The wrapped product is then transferred to the shrink tunnel where re-circulated hot air in the chamber causes the wrap to shrink around the pack. Once outside the chamber, cool air is blown on the product to quicken the cooling process. On cooling, the wrap strengthens and shrinks further. The end result is a rigid package that is ready for stacking on a pallet or placed in a shipping carton.

The advantages of shrink wrapping are multifold. Firstly, the product is totally enclosed for protection from abrasion, dust, moisture and for improved appeal. Secondly, a group of items are wrapped together to form a sales unit (six packs of beer, juice, etc.) And lastly, the product is wrapped into a distribution unit which may be stacked directly on the pallet ready for transportation. Offering such advanced shrink wrapping technologies is Autopack, an Australian-Thai company that has over 30 years of experience in designing and developing shrink wrapping and tray packaging systems. ACG Value Links, a member of ACG Worldwide, is proud to partner with Autopack to bring shrink wrap packaging systems to India.

What We Offer

Shrink wrapping machines that meet varied set of requirements:

  • Shrink vertical integral wrapper for products that require vertical stacking.
  • Shrink horizontal wrapper for products collated in horizontal matrix.
  • Shrink horizontal wrapper with multiple infeed for faster operation.
  • Semi-auto shrink wrapper for loading products directly onto table for shrinking.



In collaboration with

Autopack Co. Ltd. is an Australian-Thai designer and manufacturer of shrink packaging machinery with over 30 years of experience in shrink wrapping systems and tray packaging systems.