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About Us
ACG Worldwide has one of the world’s strongest manufacturing value chains and to complement its existing range of offerings and complete the value chain process, ACG Value Links” (AVL) was established. AVL provides an unrivaled range of products and services by partnering with global leaders.
AVL was primarily incepted to bridge the gap between international (FMCG, confectionery and other non pharma application) manufacturers and Indian buyers. With ACG as a backbone to Value Links, the company strives on prompt deliverance and refined customer service within the Indian periphery.
ACG works with its global partners and customers to create innovative and practical solutions with world-class standards. The ACG Value Link’s Mission is to consistently raise the bar of quality and performance by following belief in excellence in performance, innovation and value. ACG Value links has branched out in three different sectors namely Packaging solutions, Biopharma and Pharmaceutical processing.
Our Packaging Solution is widely spread amongst Primary, Secondary and Tertiary solutions. It includes applications like flow wrapping, form-fill-seal (FFS), tube filling, stick and sachet, print and apply systems, sleeve wrapping, shrink wrapping, over wrapping, carton forming and filling, and palletization.
Biopharma Solutions encompasses offerings like pre-filled syringes, ophthalmic (eye drops), injectable lines, lypophilization, containment and cGMP washers.
Pharmaceutical processing includes printing/inspection of tablets, high speed 360 degree Inspection for capsules, tablets and softgel and softgel encapsulation solutions.
ACG Value links brings to you the most advanced technologies from across the globe. This is coupled with the strong service and spares backup from ACG Worldwide that guarantees maximum trouble free uptime and peace of mind. ACG Value Links service engineers are trained by our principles and have in-depth understanding of the equipment. ACG Value Links promises you value with innovation and performances.