Pre-filled Syringe - Filling & Closing Machines

The increasing demand for prefilled syringes is driven by an uptake in the number of self-injecting patients and the development of biologic drugs. This makes it all the more important and decisive that pharma and biopharma companies choose a processing technology that not only introduces improvements in technology but also the lubrication technology to reduce leachables and extractables.

Europe-based Dara realizes the need for better, efficient, safe and hygienic method of filling pre-filled syringes. Its range of pre-filled syringe filling & closing equipment is compact and designed to meet sterile room specifications laid down by cGMP and US FDA. ACG Value Links is proud to partner with Dara to bring this technology for Indian pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries.

What We Offer

Filling and closing equipment for:

  • Compact-sized machine
  • Dosing of syringes from 0.5 to 20 ml (in nests)
  • Output up to 22,600 units per hour
  • Quick and easy changeover of parts without special tools
  • Conforms with cGMP and US FDA regulations
  • Automatic or manual insertion and removal of nests
  • Valve-less rotary piston pump or peristaltic pump dosing
  • Automatic infeed and positioning of plunger stopper
  • Easy-to-use, store and recall formats in PLC
  • Laminar flow units or RABs available
  • Highly suitable for sterile manufacturing environment

In collaboration with

Established in 1997, provides cutting-edge processing and packaging solutions to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and cosmetic industries. It manufactures both individual machines and complete lines for filling and sealing liquid, semi-liquid or solids in bottles, vials and syringes, in a sterile or clean room environment.