Pick Fill Seal

The Automatic Pick, Fill and Sealing (PFS) Machine packs a variety of products in various readymade pouches that offers appealing look and retains freshness of the products. It is capable of packing and filling diverse forms of pouches including stand-up pouches, pouches with spouts, zippers. It is can be used for packing various types of solids, liquids and powders. This machine is value for money for F&B and industry

What We Offer

  • Speed of 200bags/min
  • Single machine can be used for packaging both liquids and solids
  • Versatile to handle pouches & packs from 100g to 10kg
  • Two step sealing process guarantees clean sealing and cooling station for liquid products
  • Quick changeover



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was founded in 1996 in response to the huge demands for automatic packaging machines using flexible films and pre-made pouches in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Solpac machines offer uncompromising quality, rugged construction, and true value for money. With over 1,200 installations worldwide, the company dedicatedly develops new concepts and the most economical yet efficient solutions for a broad variety of packaging requirements for any industry.