Leak Testing

The leak detection machine is a compact, easy to use solution for the reliable detection of micro-cracks or pinholes affecting the sterility of glass containers. The technology in the machine ensures that each container, usually tilted in horizontal position, is tested with a high voltage discharge (up to 40 KV) applied to its two ends. Not leaking containers become perfect isolators and allow the passage of a minimal current while the presence of a micro-crack generates an electric discharge with a high current passing through the conductive liquid. Two electrodes repeat the test twice each in the containers allowing the detection of micro-holes in the range of micron even in liquids with low conductivity.

This revolutionary, patented system allows for a very compact machine, which is easy to clean and maintain, with a simple size change, free of any adjustments. Repetitive results and the ease of setup, due mainly to a smart reduction of parameters and to integrated test devices of high voltage signals, allow an easy validation of the machine.

Visual Inspection

The Automatic Inspection Machine C2 is a reliable and efficient system to inspect a wide range of ampoules and vials for foreign matter and cosmetic defects of up to 200 pcs/min.

The infeed/outfeed of output is by trays or inline. Containers are collected by an intermittent turret where they are pressed over a beaker by an upper spindle. The containers are spun at high speed and then suddenly stopped so that particles can twirl inside the liquid and be detected by the cameras. The inspection is repeated in three stations, each one equipped with both back and bottom light for maximum flexibility. It is possible to add stations for inspection of vial sealing, for tip defects (with rejection before the turret) and for the close detection of black spots on the tips of ampoules. Rejection of unwanted matter is usually is made with a suction technique.

What We Offer

  • Liquid inspection products for leak detection for lab and industry scale
  • Liquid visual inspection products for lab and industry scale


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