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In pharmaceutical industry, to sort tablet and capsules we have two options –do it by hand or use an automated system.
Human eye or manual measurement has host of drawbacks,.
Low inspection speed –creates high tablet/capsule backlog
High variability of inspection results-operator fatique
Lack of validation-relies heavily on human judgement
Lack of feedback loop for production-data is not collected, analyzed which is critical for continuous improvement
Automatic Inspection Systems provide defect-free production as well as real time data collection that is critical for process control and improvement.
All the major pharmaceutical company’s worldwide have gained immensely from such systems on account of :
High Production throughput –ensuring better time to market
High Precision/Repeatability of tablets-assures consistent product quality
Virtual unmanned operation
Statistical defect analyses -facilitates identification of root cause of a problem and helps in resolving issues for future production run
IQ/OQ/21 CFR PART 11-allows system validation with high repeatability
Versatile to inspect all cosmetic defects for all shapes, sizes of tablets and capsules- bilayer, trilayer, laser drilled holes, printing, embossing, capsule band, partial field .etc .
Our partners in Proditec France are leaders in providing high speed fully automated inspection machines for tablets/capsules.
Proditec in partnership with Symetix US offers highly sophisticated lines for soft gelatine capsule inspection.
ACG Pam has license agreement with Proditec to manufacture and market high speed tablet inspection machine made in India.

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“Visitab2 “-high volume inspection system upto 300000 tablets/hour.
“Inspectab 100”-Batch Saving upto 120000 tablets/hour
“Verisym”-High volume optical inspection system upto 1000000 tablets/hour.
“Inspecaps 150”-High volume inspection system upto 120000 capsules/hour.
“Verisym”-High volume optical inspection system upto 1000000 capsules/hour.
“Verisym”-High volume optical inspection system upto 1000000 capsules/hour.