Horizontal Form Fill Seal

The Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machine comprises of a Product Filler & the HFFS Bagging Unit. The Product Filler (Liquid / Paste – Piston, Peristaltic Filler etc, Solids - Fillers - Multihead or Linear Weighers, etc., Powders & Granules - Auger Fillers, Cup Fillers, etc.) controls the amount of product to be dispensed. In the bagging unit the heat sealable film flowing horizontally folds around a forming plough, then THREE vertical seals are imparted by vertical sealing units to form the pouch side seals and horizontal seal is imparted at the bottom of the pouch to form the bottom seal and at next station the filler dispenses the product and then the top seal is imparted to form a Standard HFFS 4 side sealed Flat Pouch or Stand-up Pouches.

The HFFS packaging machine is generally used when the product is fragile and cant withstand a high drop. It is also considered where the customer requires a stand up pouch or a pouch with a zipper and or with a spout that facilitates ease of opening and comfortable consumption of products. HFFS machines can deliver shaped pouches, which result in better product aesthetics and shelf presence.

What We Offer

We offer HFFS technology, which has been developed and evolved over the last 40 years with a rich experience of 40 years. The constant feedback from our clients has been integrated in our machine design and resulted in developments mentioned below:

  • We can offer the entire range of pouches from the standard 3 & 4 side sealed Flat Pouches, Stand-up Pouches with Zippers, Centre or Side Spouts to the previous configurations in different shapes
  • High output ranging from 60 – 360 pouches
  • Patented Parallel Sealing and Triple Sealing per seal area ensuring seal integrity and uniform sealing across seal area
  • Capability to offer both Walking Beam & Rotary Carousel type pouch-handling systems giving greater flexibility to the customer in terms of choice of technology
  • Unique Continuous Motion Film unwinding system ensures precise tension to the laminate while film feeding results in uninterrupted machine operation in terms of film breakage during operation while maintaining excellent and consistent seals



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Effytec brings HFFS machines to you. provides world-class packaging solutions for varied sectors like pharma, food, cosmetics, chemicals and other applications. The spirit of constant improvement in technology has positioned EFFYTEC as a company of international reference in the packaging sector. They export 95% of their production and are currently positioned strongly across 5 continents