Flow wrapping

The Flow wrapping process comprises of a Feeding System where the product is collated, stacked, oriented and fed into the conveyor belt.

The conveyor belt with lugs/pins evenly spaces and carries the product into the Wrapping Station. The wrapping station conforms the heat sealable film around the product by means of a forming box and forms a tube by virtue of a longitudinal seal imparted by set of sealers below the product. Finally, A Sealing Unit imparts two perpendicular seals and cuts / perforations on either side of the product to form a Standard Flow Pack or a continuos chain of Flow packs.

What We Offer

We offer flow-wrapping technology, which has evolved over a period of 50 years. The constant feedback from our clients has been incorporated in our machine design and resulted in development of flow wrapping technologies like:

  • Long Dwell Sealing Technology ensuring maximum seal time and maximizing the seal integrity thereby ensuring hermetic seals
  • Modified Atmospheric Packaging ensuring longer product shelf life
  • Auto Variable Length Adjustment System to pack products of variable lengths like bread loaves, vegetables etc.



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