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Softgel Encapsulation
The softgel is a unitary dosage drug delivery system, manufactured using gelatin for outer layers, that contain between them the active ingredients in solution, suspension or paste form.
Softgels are one-piece capsules, hermetically sealed: they consist of water or soluble oil fill solution, or drug suspension, covered by a layer of gelatine (made of gelatine, plasticiser, modifier, water, color, antioxidant or flavor).
They may be produced in several sizes, shapes, textures and colors, and customized on request:
Transparent colors
Solid colors
Natural Transparent
Solid colors in combination of two tones
Transparent in two tones
Transparent/solid colors
Softgels have shown a considerable growth in the past decade, thanks to their bioavailability and marketing advantages:
Rapid action, due to their short disintegration time
Dosage reduction (thanks to their improved bioavailability and consequent therapeutic effectiveness)
Longer product life (thanks to absence of oxygen, the medicine are protected from degradation)
Accuracy (because they are filled and sealed simultaneously, and this grant a standard precision process)
Homogeneity (as the active substances are dissolved or suspended in liquids)

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